What is GitHost?

GitHost is a single-tenant solution that provides GitLab CE or EE as a managed service. GitLab Inc. is responsible for installing, updating, hosting, and backing up customers own private and secure GitLab instance.

Why should I use GitHost?

What is different about GitHost than other hosted Git solutions?

What regions does GitHost operate in?

Amsterdam, London, San Francisco, Singapore, Toronto, New York and Frankfurt.

Can I customize my disk space?

No. Our plans are based on the underlying infrastructure templates.

What SLA does the service provide?

99.9% uptime.

Will I be notified of downtime for maintenance?


Do I need an SSL certificate?

Yes, if you want to use your own domain. You can purchase one from vendors such as GoDaddy. No, if you want a * subdomain.

Is LDAP supported?


Is SSO supported?

Yes we use OmniAuth so users can sign in using Twitter, Facebook etc.

Is there support for SAML?


Can I make custom changes to the GitLab configuration?

Custom changes such as increasing the number of Unicorn workers or setting up an SMTP server for email must be done by a GitLab Service Engineer. Customers can request this by contacting GitHost Support. Self service for custom changes is in development.

What connections does GitHost support?


How is back-up and recovery managed?

Full backups are taken every day and stored at an offsite location. Restoring from backups can be done by customers without help from GitHost Support.

Does GitHost come with a private hosted GitLab CI runner?

No, but you can hook up runners from anywhere. We plan to support this in the future.

Can I migrate from my on-premises GitLab server to GitHost?

Yes, you can use backup and restore but this requires the intervention of a Service Engineer. However, we are working to make this easier.

Can I apply my GitLab Enterprise Edition subscription for use with GitHost if I decide to move from on-premises hosting?


What version of GitLab Enterprise Edition does GitHost support?

GitHost will always install the latest version of GitLab when a new server is created.

If I subscribe to GitLab Enterprise and use GitHost how to I get support?

GitLab Enterprise subscribers will have the ability to email our Service Engineers directly for assistance with both GitHost and GitLab.

How is the service billed?

Subscriptions plans are prorated to the nearest minute and charged monthly.

Can I purchase an annual subscription to GitLab Enterprise Edition and GitHost?

Yes. Please contact our sales team.