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Acquisition Process: Technical Due Diligence

  1. Code and architecture diligence - your team will provide access for key engineering contacts at GitLab to code repositories, products, and development/test environments. We will:
    • Perform a code review
    • Analyze the technology stack and how it fits in the GitLab tech stack. Evaluate efforts and approaches for integration including milestones.
    • Analyze what open source packages are in use and their associated licenses
    • Analyze what security vulnerabilities are known to exist in the product(s) and the process for determining this (static/dynamic security scanning, independent penetration testing, etc.).
    • Provide the results of any third-party security testing results.
    • Analyze any commercial software/services that are required for the product(s) to operate.
    • Evaluate development practices and standards
    • Analyze test suite coverage, framework, and automation
  2. Employee evaluations - each engineer will undergo two rounds of interviews comprised of:
    • Technical assessment - a live coding session, solving a technical exercise or review a merge request with live followup session.
    • Manager interview
    • Evaluate potential team structure post-acquisition
  3. In case of acquisitions with over 10 engineers the employee evaluation stage will happen in phased approach for 5 employees at a time.
  4. In case where there aren't sufficient open recs matching the acquired team, the acquisition team can put a request to the executive team to approve new recs required.