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Cloud Image Process


Create a clear process, which outlines ownership throughout each sub-flow, with a breakdown of mid-level tasks, order of execution, timelines for delivery and standards for process management.


Due to lack of available resources in the packaging team, Eliran Mesika, Director of Strategic Partnerships, will be the temporary maintainer of the available cloud images. Once hiring will complete for the packaging team they will reinstate their ownership as maintainers of the images.

Project Building Blocks

First Time Images

  1. Introduction & Scope - initiated by Strategic Partnerships:
    1. Create issue for first time image
    2. Gathering of documentation on integrating with the Cloud Partner
    3. Understand joint marketing efforts opportunities for collaboration on launch
    4. Set up GitLab account on Cloud Partner’s system
    5. Optional: Initiate technical call with Omnibus team member and partner tech/product lead (at request of Omnibus team)
    6. Introduce Partner Marketing to marketing contacts from Cloud Partner
  2. Technical Implementation - led by Omnibus team:
    1. Scope level of effort
    2. Update issue with Assignee and Due Date
    3. Upload image to cloud service - see it through partner testing:
      1. Follow-up with Cloud Partner’s support team, if needed
      2. If Cloud Partner’s support team is unresponsive, escalate to Strategic Partnerships
    4. Create new section in documentation - align MR with marketing launch
  3. Marketing - led by Partner Marketing:
    1. Create marketing issue
    2. Align on joint marketing activities with partner marketing from Cloud Partner:
      1. Joint blog posts (on GitLab and Cloud Partner blogs)
      2. Social network burst
    3. Write image description that will be part of the image on the cloud service (seek assistance from technical writer if necessary)
    4. Align release to market with Product Lead from Cloud Partner
    5. Customer story/quote - locate an existing GitLab customer who would use this feature for a marketing quote or story

Process flow: step 1 must be complete before step 2 & 3 begin. Steps 2 & 3 can start and progress simultaneously.

Maintaining Existing Images

If an omnibus package has been uploaded - maintenance won’t be necessary for version or security updates.

AWS Image

AWS Marketplace Offering

Azure Image

  1. Create the image:
  2. Test the image
  3. Deploy the image to the marketplace
  4. Getting support as a publisher from MS
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