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Integrate with GitLab

Instructions for getting listed as a GitLab Technology Partner

Once these steps along with the product integration have been completed, the last step is to submit a Merge Request to get listed on our Technology Partners page. To add your app, you will need:

Adding your app to our Partners Page

Once you have the above items, follow these steps to add yourself to the Partners page:

  1. Sign into and navigate to the home project of found here. Click on the ’Fork’ button at the top right to make a copy of the repository within your account.
  2. Next, click on the ’Web IDE’ button to make changes to specific YAML files.
  3. Navigate to the ‘/data’ directory in the left pane and you will see the applications.yml file within the folder. Click on the file to open it within the WebIDE. Add the following fields to the correct category of the file and enter the following application information into each of the blank fields:
- title: Company Name
     content:  Description
       - url: Company URL
         title: Company Name
       - url: Technical documentation URL
         title: Company Name for GitLab

Choose the app's category accordingly. The code block is to be added to the end of the category list it belongs to.


  1. After updating applications.yml, use the file browser on the left side of the screen to navigate to source/images/applications/apps/.
  2. Click the icon next to the apps directory, select upload file, and upload you company logo. Be sure to follow the picture requirements listed above and confirm that the file name matches your picture entry in applications.yml.

    Note: The image name should match the application title exactly. For example, if your app is titled ‘GitLab Inc’ then the image name being uploaded would be ‘gitlab_inc.png’ and it will then map to your app listing when the site is generated.

  3. Once you have finished this, click the Commit button in the bottom left. It should say something like 2 unstaged and 0 staged changes. This will bring up a sidebar with an Unstaged and Staged area.
  4. Check the files to ensure your updates are what you expect. If they are, click the check mark next to the filename to "stage" these changes.
  5. Once you have verified all of the edits, enter a short commit message including what you've changed. Choose Create a new branch. Name the branch in the format of CompanyName-partners-page or similar. Tick the Start a new merge request checkbox. Then click Commit once more.
  6. A new merge request will then initiate and you will be able to fill out a description and details around the MR. Select the ‘Applications’ template and fill out the information accordingly.
  7. When you have filled out the merge request details. Please ensure you tick the box to Allow commits from members who can merge to target branch as detailed on the Allow collaboration on merge requests across forks page in our docs.

    Make sure when submitting the MR, the source is the branch that was just created from the MR and the destination/target is the gitlab-com/www-gitlab-com/.

  8. Once the MR is created, use the Application template and complete the instructions.

If you’d like to do further development

Open an issue in the Alliance project requesting a joint private project in the Alliance group.

This gives our partners a home base for testing integrations, workflows and a place to create any public-facing demos. Initially, it will be set to private, but once there is content in the projects, we can always switch the project to public.

We will need a list of the email addresses that were used to create a account. Within your group you'll be able to create projects and repositories for any development/testing.


We are here to help. The Alliance team works from issues and issue boards. If you are needing our assistance with any project, please open an issue and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! When creating an issue, please select new_partner issue template in the drop down. If it’s technical assistance you’re looking for, please see below for troubleshooting.


We're always here to help you through your efforts of integration. If there's a missing API call from our current API, or you ran into other difficulties in your development please feel free to create a new issue on the Community Edition issue tracker and apply the Ecosystem label.

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