Backend Team


There are three teams within the Backend group:

All three teams work in concert, but each has a different focus on what issues to work on for each release. The following information is not meant to be a set of hard-and-fast rules, but as a guideline as to what team decides can best improve certain areas of GitLab.

CI Team

The CI Team is focused on all the functionality with respect to Continuous Integration and Deployments. For example, this includes:

Discussion Team

The Discussion Team is focused on the collaboration functionality of GitLab. More specifically, this covers:

Platform Team

The Platform Team is focused on all the other areas of GitLab that the CI and Discussion Teams do not cover. For example:

Mapping to Direction Issues

There is a rough mapping of Direction Issues to different backend teams. Note that the following is meant as a guideline, not as a hard-and-fast rule, as there were invariably be instances where it may be ambiguous or multiple teams may be involved in each area:

  1. Idea (Platform)
  2. Issue (Discussion)
  3. Plan (Discussion)
  4. Code (Platform)
  5. Commit (Platform)
  6. Test (CI)
  7. Review (Discussion)
  8. Staging (CI)
  9. Production (CI)
  10. Feedback (Platform)