Backend Team


There are three teams within the Backend group:

All three teams work in concert, but each has a different focus on what issues to work on for each release. The following information is not meant to be a set of hard-and-fast rules, but as a guideline as to what team decides can best improve certain areas of GitLab.

There is a backend team call every Thursday, before the team call. You should have been invited when you joined; if not, ask your team lead!

CI Team

The CI Team is focused on all the functionality with respect to Continuous Integration and Deployments. For example, this includes:

Discussion Team

The Discussion Team is focused on the collaboration functionality of GitLab. More specifically, this covers:

Platform Team

The Platform Team is focused on all the other areas of GitLab that the CI and Discussion Teams do not cover. For example:

Mapping to Direction Issues

There is a rough mapping of Direction Issues to different backend teams. Note that the following is meant as a guideline, not as a hard-and-fast rule, as there were invariably be instances where it may be ambiguous or multiple teams may be involved in each area:

  1. Idea (Platform)
  2. Issue (Discussion)
  3. Plan (Discussion)
  4. Code (Platform)
  5. Commit (Platform)
  6. Test (CI)
  7. Review (Discussion)
  8. Staging (CI)
  9. Production (CI)
  10. Feedback (Platform)