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There are a number of teams within the Backend group:

Each team has a different focus on what issues to work on for each release. The following information is not meant to be a set of hard-and-fast rules, but as a guideline as to what team decides can best improve certain areas of GitLab.

APIs should be shared responsibility between all teams within the Backend group.

There is a backend group call every Tuesday, before the team call. You should have been invited when you joined; if not, ask your team lead!

Find the product manager mapping to engineering teams in the product handbook

CI/CD Team

The CI/CD Team is focused on all the functionality with respect to Continuous Integration and Deployments.

This team maps to Verify, Package, Release, and Configure.

Discussion Team

The Discussion Team is focused on the collaboration functionality of GitLab.

This team maps to Plan and Create.

Platform Team

The Platform Team is focused on all the other areas of GitLab that the CI and Discussion Teams do not cover.

This team maps to Create and Auth.

Monitoring Team

The monitoring team is responsible for:

This team maps to Monitor.

Process for adding new metrics to GitLab

The Monitoring team is responsible for providing the underlying libraries and tools to enable GitLab team members to instrument their code. When adding new metrics, we need to consider a few facets: the impact on, customer deployments, and whether any default alerting rules should be provided.

Recommended process for adding new metrics:

  1. Open an issue in the desired project outlining the new metrics desired
  2. Label with the ~Monitoring label, and ping @gl-monitoring for initial review
  3. During implementation consider:
  4. The Prometheus naming and instrumentation guidelines
  5. Impact on cardinality and performance of Prometheus
  6. Whether any alerts should be created
  7. Assign to an available Monitoring team reviewer