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GitLab BV (Belgium) Benefits

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Specific to Belgium Based Employees

Belgian employees are on state benefits. This includes sickness, medical, disability, pension, and unemployment. For more information, please take a look at the corresponding government website.

GitLab does not plan on offering additional private medical or pension benefits at this time due to the government cover.

GitLab is currently reviewing adding a Life Insurance policy for team members in Belgium.


Each year all employees will be sent ecocheques no later than July 31. In accordance with the local law these are provided by GitLab at no cost to the individuals. These are currently sent by GitLab's payroll provider in electronic form via a Sodexo card. A pin for this card will be sent separately. The maximum value is 250 Euros, the amount that will be granted is pro-rated depending on the employee's start date. The reference period is from July 1 of the previous year to June 30 of the year of payment. These ecocheques must be used to purchase ecological products and services; you can always find a current list of what is available on the National Labor Council website. These ecocheques are exempt from social security contributions and may not be awarded for replacement or conversion of salary.

GitLab B.V. Belgium Leave Policy

Note: GitLab has a global no ask time off policy, which is the guideline for all GitLab employees globally. We highlight statutory requirements for some countries as well to insure local compliance, but stress that our Paid Time Off policy is applicable for all GitLab team members globally irrespective of local policy.

People Ops will consult with Vistra to ensure that the statute is met.