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GitLab BV (Netherlands) Benefits

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Specific to Netherlands based team members

Vacation Money

Dutch team members get the customary month of vacation money (Vakantiegeld) in the month of May, as defined by the government. Note that Vakantiegeld is built into offers as well as our Compensation Calculator.

Note that you can choose to have your vacation money distributed throughout the year. To request a change in the way you receive this, please reach out to This template should be completed by a member of the People Operations Specialist team, signed by GitLab and the team member and then send to HRSavvy to request the change.


There is no additional medical coverage scheme through GitLab.

Note that in the Netherlands every citizen is obliged to have at least a basic health insurance package (basisverzekering) with a health insurance company. If you do not have health insurance, you can be fined by the Sociale Verzekeringsbank.

GitLab does not plan on adding additional medical cover at this time due to the governmental cover.


State pension (AOW) is standard and will be paid out at retirement age. There is no additional pension scheme through GitLab.

GitLab is currently reviewing adding a private pension plan.

Life Insurance

GitLab does not offer life insurance in the Netherlands at this time. Team members are automatically covered up to 70% of their last wage in case of disability by the governmental Employee Insurance Agency.

30% Tax Ruling

Eligible team members may apply for the 30% Tax Ruling. More information can be found on our Visas page. Kindly note, this can also be expensed.

GitLab B.V. Netherlands Leave Policy

People Ops will consult with HRSavvy to ensure that the statute is met.

Applying for Leave in the Netherlands

HRSavvy can assist in applying for maternity leave covered by social security. In this application the company can decide whether the benefit is paid to the team member directly, or the employer continues paying the salary and receives the benefit. The last option is done in most of the cases.