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Specific to UK based employees

Medical Insurance

For UK based employees GitLab provides paid membership of medical insurance with AXA PPP. Family members can be added to the insurance and GitLab will pay 50% of the cost to include them. Further information can also be found in the AXA PPP Brochure. Please let People Ops know if you would like to join the scheme. This does not currently include dental or optical care but we will be reviewing this. The current coverage includes:

Please also note that this is a taxable benefit.

Pension Introduction

As of January 1, 2018 GitLab will be providing and contributing into an Auto-Enrollment personal pension scheme with Scottish Widows. GitLab is also working with Oakley Financial who are able to provide help and guidance should employees have any questions about the pension scheme. An email and telephone service will be available and details for that will be added shortly.


Auto-enrollment is a scheme brought in by the Government as they want everyone to save more for their retirement. Employees will receive a letter from GitLab informing them when they have been auto enrolled in the scheme. As this is now law, employees will be auto enrolled into the GitLab UK Group Personal Pension Scheme from January 1, 2018 or as soon as they join the company if:

If an employee does not meet these criteria then they will be considered an Entitled Worker (earn less than £5,824 p.a) or a Non-Eligible Jobholder (earn between £5,824 and £10,000 p.a).

Scottish Widows Group Personal Pension Scheme

When an employee joins the scheme they will be sent a welcome pack stating that they are now a scheme member, it will also have their login details. Employees can login to access their own personal fund and can make adjustments as they see fit. Some other key points of the scheme are as follows:

Pension Contribution Percentages

The certification level that has been chosen is basic salary only and will not include commission, bonuses or any over time payments. The contributions will be paid monthly and will be shown on the payslips.

These contribution percentages are in line with The Pension Regulator's Auto-enrollment legislation. Should the government's minimum contribution standards change further GitLab will contact you to advise the new levels to comply with legislation.

Opting Out

If you decide to opt out of the scheme you can do this within one month of the enrollment date by following the instructions in the information from Scottish Widows. The Opt Out deadlines are:


If you decide to re-join the scheme you can do so by emailing or sending a signed letter to People Operations. If you send an email, it should be from your personal email address, please ensure it contains the phrase I confirm I personally submitted this notice to join a workplace pension scheme. You can only re-join once in any 12 month period.