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GitLab Lyra (India) Benefits

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Specific to India based employees

All of the benefits listed below are administered and managed by Lyra Infosystems. As part of the onboarding process Lyra will reach out to team members in their first week to arrange setup and enrollment. Should you have any questions about these benefits please contact or the People Operations Compensation Team at GitLab who are also very happy to assist.

Medical Benefits


LYRA has a provident fund that the employees pay to the government. This is included in the CTC. Currently, the employer pay 11% of the basic salary as a statutory requirement.

Life Insurance

Most companies in India do not offer life insurance as part of the benefits package. LYRA, similarly, does not offer a life insurance plan to GitLab team members. Most workers in India will typically get their own life insurance which can be portable throughout their lifetime.

Meal Vouchers

Zeta Meal Cards are an optional employee purchased benefit. These Meal Cards work like a Debit Card, which can be used at any outlet selling food items and non-alcoholic beverages that accept card payments. If you would like purchase these a deduction from salary will be made each month.

  1. Zeta is merged with Sodexo.
  2. Now zeta has started moving their existing clients under Sodexo.
  3. LYRA will be reaching out to move all existing cards under Zeta to Sodexo & will be issuing new Sodexo food cards to generate access.
  4. Once generated they will require a minimum of 10 working days for dashboard processing and issue new food cards.
  5. GitLab team members should expect their new cards by the end of November.

Other LYRA Benefits

LYRA is also able to provide financial assistance to employees, where employees can obtain a special rate of interests for all their loan requirements from HDFC bank.

GitLab B.V. India Leave Policy

People Ops will consult with Lyra to ensure that the statute is met.