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PTY Australia Benefits

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GitLab PTY Specific Benefits


GitLab does not plan to offer Private Health Insurance at this time because Australians can access the public health system for free or at a lower cost through Medicare (funded by tax).


GitLab will make superannuation contributions directly to the employee's nominated super fund according to the Australian Government Super Guarantee rate which is currently set at 9.5% of the employee's total salary. Super is on top of the salary listed in the compensation calculator/contract.

Life insurance

GitLab does not plan to offer life insurance at this time as Australians can access government payments and services if they get ill, injured or have a disability. Most Australians who choose to have life insurance take out cover from their super fund.

GitLab PTY Australia Leave Policy

Parental Leave Administrative Details

Statutory General Entitlement:

Australian Government Paid Parental Leave Scheme:

Record-keeping for paid parental leave:

Pay slips for parental leave payments:

Applying for parental leave

Notice requirements:

10 weeks before starting leave:

4 weeks before starting leave: