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The following benefits are provided by Safeguard and apply to team members who are contracted through Safeguard. If there are any questions, these should be directed to People Operations at GitLab who will then contact the appropriate individual at Safeguard.



We are currently unable to hire any more employees or contractors in Spain. Please see Country Hiring Guidelines for more information.

GitLab currently has no plans to offer Life Insurance, Private Medical cover, or a private pension due to the government cover in Spain. If GitLab did want to look into offering such benefits through Safeguard, the employees would need to subscribe themselves to the insurance companies and they would be paid for it in the form of allowance on a monthly basis covering the price that the insurance company requests; this would then be billed to Gitlab.


You may receive your payslip from this email address: on your personal email ( the one used for correspondence with Safeguard). The payslip is going to contain an encrypted PDF.

Other countries

Safeguard uses multiple third parties across the globe to assist in locations where they do not have a direct payroll.