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Business Operations



Reaching the Teams


Data Quality Process

Data isn't perfect, processes change, people make mistakes. We recognize that and make sure that when we identify an opportunity to be more correct we are moving quickly to resolution.

Our Data Quality Process is meant to capture and document these improvements as they're discovered, and to ensure that communication is made to impacted parties in a timely manner. Learn more about Data Quality.

Business Continuity Plan

GitLab's Business Continuity Plan and associated procedures are documented in our Business Continuity Plan handbook section.




Business operations projects follow the following structure of stages.

Stage 0 - Assessment BTG Stage:: 0-Assessment

This stage is essentially a backlog of proposals which are subject to review. For example: New or replacement technology or changes to processes.

Stage 1 - Discovery BTG Stage:: 1-Discovery

This stage is for approved projects and identifying the teams and resources dedicated to the project.

Stage 2 - Planning BTG Stage:: 2-Planning

In this phase, the project plan is finalized, the scope is identified, and signoff of all business teams is required before moving into implementation.

Stage 3 - Action BTG Stage:: 3-Action

This stage will be for projects with established plans for building and testing.

Stage 4 - Strike BTG Stage:: 4-Strike

This stage will be for projects in which all proposed changes have been implemented and the project is wrapped up.


Label Description project/group type
BusinessOPS BZO is actively involved gitlab-com, gitlab-org -
BTG-FYI No direct action needed from Bizops, but awareness for potential support/questions gitlab-com, gitlab-org -
BSA business systems analyst work gitlab-com, gitlab-org -
BSS business systems specialist work gitlab-com, gitlab-org -
BTG-Features Wanted feature requests gitlab-org -
IT-Help IT-Help work gitlab-com, gitlab-org -
IT-Ops IT-Ops work gitlab-com, gitlab-org -
IT:: to do, IT::done indicates if IT needs to do work gitlab-com scoped
waiting on license cannot complete AR without new license order gitlab-com -
BTG-Status::1-Needs Review This has not been looked at. gitlab-com, gitlab-org scoped
BTG-Status::2-Backlog This work is in the backlog and will be pulled forward when expedient gitlab-com, gitlab-org scoped
BTG-Status::3-Working This work is in progress. gitlab-com, gitlab-org scoped
BTG-Status::4-Change This needs a change in order to be approved or merged gitlab-com, gitlab-org scoped
BTG-Status::5-Needs Info This needs information from requestor to move forward gitlab-com, gitlab-org scoped
BTG-Status::6-On Hold This is on hold for a longer period of time gitlab-com, gitlab-org scoped
BTG-Status::7-Ready to Deploy This is ready to be merged or the work executed gitlab-com, gitlab-org -
BTG-Status::8-Denied This work is considered incomplete and won't be worked on or will not be worked on at this time gitlab-com, gitlab-org scoped
BTG-Priority::1 Critical gitlab-com, gitlab-org scoped
BTG-Priority::2 Important not urgent gitlab-com, gitlab-org scoped
BTG-Priority::3 No rush to do, but please do it. gitlab-com, gitlab-org scoped
BTG-Process Change or addition to process/operations gitlab-com, gitlab-org -
blocker This blocks other work gitlab-com, gitlab-org -
laptop-request laptop request gitlab-com, gitlab-org -

Business Operations Team Organization

Tech Stack

The GitLab Tech Stack is the approved list of applications. It lists additional information such as the Business Purpose, Who should have access, Contact/Admin, Data Classification, Okta information, and Sox Compliance information.

Making global changes

To make changes to global configurations or settings for any Business Technology applications in the Tech Stack, please follow the Business Technology change management process.


Features Wanted

As part of dogfooding, we label features we request or support with the label BZO-Feature Wanted. Check out our issue board with this label.

Business Ops READMEs

Get to know the people who work in GitLab's Business Ops team by visiting our READMEs.

What is the difference between Business Ops, Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, Marketing Programs, IT Operations, and IT Helpdesk?

Business Operations Sales Operations Marketing Operations Marketing Programs IT Operations IT Helpdesk
Answering the question: “How do we build go-to-market infrastructure to support company growth and pivots?” Quota assignments Day-to-day management, maintenance and integrations in the entire tech stack Day-to-day program and marketer support, including landing pages, Marketo program and Salesforce campaign management Ensures sufficient controls and streamlines cross-fuctional & cross-system processes, such as onboarding & provisioning Triage all IT related questions as they arise
Strategic analytics and data management Field & RD Forecasting New technology review, implementation, customization, documentation and administration Development and growth of webcast program Build and maintain controls via monitoring, source controls, and automated processes to enable sufficient controls, without the inefficiencies of complete separation of duties via organizational hierarchy Build a knowledge base of IT practices and pragmatic problem solving in the handbook
Cross-functional process automation and optimization Sales Compensation Lead management & Data enrichment Improve and develop newsletter program Development and maintenance of automation of systems and processes for G&A and with Engineering to eliminate bottlenecks and slow manual activities. Account management for password resets and lockout
New business technology review Sales/Marketing SLAs Grow the opt-in communication channel Support Field Marketing with conference, event & VIP invitation, reminder and follow-up   On call support for immediate software and hardware issues during local business hours
Holistic business systems administration, development, integration, architecture, and planning around the entire GTM tool stack. Ad hoc analysis for CRO Marketing process design     Diagnose computer errors and provide technical support
Prioritization of business operations issues Sales Process Training/Documentation Marketing & Sales process training and documentation     Troubleshoot software and hardware
Prioritization and resolution of non-development customer portal process and support issues Sales Enablement functions and sales training on process flows Prioritization of Marketing-related business operations issues     Support Weekly IT Onboarding Sessions for new Team Members
Prioritization and resolution of non-development license app and signups process and support issues Salesforce administration, development, architecture, customizations, and technical documentation Marketing tech stack implementations, development and integrations     Train end-users how to setup and use new technologies
Reporting infrastructure Evaluate, purchase and implement new technologies into GitLab tech stack Marketo and Salesforce administration to support marketing activities     Provide technical support over the phone or Web
  Reporting and business analysis related to the sales function List pull requests     Use specialized help desk support software to take control of end-users' computers to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve complex issues
  Prioritization of Sales-related business operations issues.
This means consolidating all of the requests from sales into a single funnel with prioritization.