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Business Engagement Team

Business Systems Analysts

General Ongoing


For reference, "What Nobody Tells you about Documentation"

IT Capability Matrix

As IT as a department scales and matures, we must identify how we grow and operate inline with company values and business requirements.


We can host your project retrospective.

Application Evaluation

We provide templates for vendor evaluations, can help write and review your user stories, and are happy to participate in tool evaluations that integrate with other applications or intersect with multiple departments.

Please involve us in all tool evaluations that integrate into the enterprise application ecosystem before beginning demos with vendors.

What are the BSAs working on?

Business Analysis Support

Phil Encarnacion, Business Systems Specialist


Barbara Roncato, Business Systems Analyst

Portal integrations and operations

Jamie Carey, Senior Business Systems Analyst

Security and Compliance

Karlia Kue, Business Systems Analyst

IT Operations and People Operations

Lis Vinueza, Business Systems Analyst

What does a BSA do?

Note: BSA team needs to create templates for the types of work below

Assign work