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Business Systems: Portal


Business Systems Administrator | Phil Encarnacion

Business Systems Analyst | Jamie Carey

Responsibilities, Expectations, & Work on the L&R Queue in Zendesk

The customer portal intersects with Support, Billing, Sales, and Product primarily. Tickets come into the L&R queue in Zendesk generally three ways, generally prioritized as low:

Expectations for BSS:

Common Customer Inquiries

Tickets are first triaged by the BSS and then sometimes passed to Sales, .com Support, or Billing; Complete list of ticket categories and subcategories (internal documentation)

Handled by Business Systems Specialist:

These inquiries get routed to Sales:

These inquiries get routed to .com Support:

These inquiries get routed to Accounts Receivable:

High Level Setup

EULAs and the Portal

  1. When a closed won opportunity (with EULA set to YES) is created in SFDC, a license key will be generated once a click through EULA is accepted by the customer.
  2. Flat renewals don't send a EULA.
  3. In the case of an Add-on, a EULA is sent.

Customer Flow

System Integrations

Important to know

Zuora and Salesforce