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Demand waterfall

A demand waterfall is a term used to track the different milestones prospective customers go through as they learn about GitLab and interact with our sales and marketing teams. Each subsequent milestone is a subset of the previous milestone, and represents a progression from not knowing GitLab to being a customer (and fan) of GitLab.

At the highest level of abstraction, we use the terms lead opportunity and customer to represent a person's progression towards becoming a customer of GitLab. Those three terms also correspond to record types in

Lead => Opportunity => Customer

However, there are more granular steps within the above milestones that are used to track the above process with more precision. They are tracked as follows:

Funnel stage Record Type Status or Stage
Raw Lead or Contact Raw
Inquiry Lead or Contact Inquiry
Marketo Qualified Lead Lead or Contact MQL
Accepted Lead Lead or Contact Accepted
Qualifying Lead or Contact Qualifying
Pending Acceptance Opportunity 0 - Pending Acceptance
Sales Accepted Opportunity Opportunity 1 - Discovery
Sales Qualified Opportunity Opportunity 2 Scoping - 5 Negotiating
Customer Opportunity 6-Closed Won

For the definition of the stage please click the record type link.

When going from Qualifying to Qualified Lead the lead is duplicated to an opportunity, and the lead is set to qualified and not being used anymore.