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Data Team Documentation Guide


There is a surfeit of information in the data team handbook. Not everything documented is meant for everyone who might read it. Even within the company we come from different backgrounds and are looking for different pieces of information.

To help readers orient themselves, we've created a series of 4 personas that we believe capture the majority of user types. These are as follows:

Builder 🛠

Key attributes of a Builder:

Typical Roles:

User 💻

Key attributes of a User:

Typical Roles:

Consumer 📊

Key attributes of a Consumer:

Typical roles:

Champion 👑

Key attributes of a Champion:

Typical roles:

Everyone 🌎

This is our catchall grouping in case something is relevant to all personas.

Documentation Types

The Divio blog details this more than we will here, but the general idea is that there are 4 types of documentation. Each of these are different and are written with different aims in mind. They are:

Tutorials 🔍

A tutorial:

Analogy: teaching a small child how to cook

How-to guides 🏁

A how-to guide:

Analogy: a recipe in a cookery book

Explanation 💡

An explanation:

Analogy: an article on culinary social history

Reference 📚

A reference guide:

Analogy: a reference encyclopaedia article


You'll notice there are emojis next to both the persona and documentation type headers. We use the emojis in the rest of the data team portion of the handbook to help readers quickly understand the audience and purpose of different sections. For example:

Note that the emojis will not be inclusive of everyone who may in fact be interested in the section. Our aim is only to provide a quick guide to help orient the reader for what they're reading.