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IT Help

Welcome to the IT Help Handbook

The IT Help team is part of the GitLab Business Ops function that guides systems, workflows and processes and is a singular reference point for operational management.

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Mission Statement

IT Help will triage all IT related questions as they arise. Build a knowledge base of IT practices and pragmatic problem solving in the handbook. Account management for password resets and lockout. On call support for immediate software and hardware issues during local business hours. Diagnose computer errors and provide technical support. Troubleshoot software and hardware. Support Weekly IT Onboarding Sessions for new Team Members. Train end-users how to setup and use new technologies. Provide technical support over the phone or Web. Use specialized help desk support software to take control of end-users' computers to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve complex issues.

Requests for Support (2FA, Password Resets, etc.)

Request for support should have an issue open at IT Help Issues. Certain support items like 2FA resets are time sensitive but there are some things you can do to help yourself. For 2FA related problems for your Gitlab accounts, please use your backup codes or try generating new ones.

Follow these steps to successfully set up 2FA for your Google account.

When you get a new device, before you get rid of the old one, make sure to set up your authenticator app on the new device. You will need to log into your accounts with the old device and disable 2FA for your accounts. Then delete the accounts off the old device and re-enable the 2FA on your accounts on the authenticator app on the new device. If you still need a 2FA reset, please reach out to #it_help on slack with the system that needs it and the issue you are encountering.

We understand sometimes life happens and passwords get forgotten or deleted. If it is for a system that requires immediate access, please reach out on the slack #it_help channel. Provide as much information as possible. Password resets to sensitive systems such as your G Suite account and Okta require a zoom call to verify.

As a distributed team, our current standard coverage window is ~13:00-04:00 UTC. High volumes of issues being triaged can dictate the delay in response within that window. If the issue is extremely time sensitive and warrants escalation, use judgement on whether or not it can wait until ‘business hours’. Escalated issues should be made through the #it_help slack channel. All other request should have an issue created.

How to Contact Us or Escalate Priority Issues Outside of Standard Hours

Slack is not ideal for managing priorities of incoming issues, so we ask that all such requests are made through an IT Help Issues. We will triage and address them as soon as we can. All issues created in the queue are public by default.

Privileged or private communications should be sent to it-help@.

Screenshots and videos are very helpful when experiencing an issue, especially if there is an error message.

Hardware we use

Apple Hardware
Linux Hardware

NOTE : This model is not the standard configuration of Macbook pro. Please make sure you order this model minimum 21 days, based on your locality, prior to your desired date to receive

New to Mac?

A lot of people coming onboard to Gitlab have had some sort of exposure to macOS and Apple hardware, if you are one of those people the below link is probably not for you but you still might learn something!

How to Erase a Disk for Mac

If you are keeping your Gitlab machine Laptop Buy Back Policy it is required you wipe the machine and restore to base OS, these instructions will help you accomplish this.

How to erase a disk

Self-Help and Troubleshooting Tips

This section should provide some quick and easy troubleshooting tips anyone can do to possibly remedy an IT issue before reaching out. This section will be expanding over time so keep an eye out or feel free to contribute if you think something belongs.

Built-In MacBook Troubleshooting Commands

MacBooks are wonderful laptops, but no laptop is without faults. You may come across a "wonky" situation with your Mac, so below are some pointers that may help fix common issues.

Password Reset for Your MacBook

Did you go out for a long well deserved vacation and come back to a completely blank memory on what your laptop password was? It happens to the best of us! Apple has you covered.

Battery Cycle Count

Want to see the health of your battery? Generally the laptops that we use have a maximum battery cycle life of 1000, you can check it below

Repair a Disk or Mac Storage Drive

Apple's Disk Utility tool can fix some problems such as applications unexpectedly quitting or crashing, corrupted files, and external drives not working. You can also format drives with Disk Utility.

This is a quick walkthrough on how to check your MacBook's disk and run First Aid.

How long is my Macbook in Warranty?

Want to add different profiles for your different Gitlab accounts?

It is recommended that you create different profiles in Chrome so you can manage your different Gitlab accounts. This way you can easily sign in without having to signout out of different accounts each time. A lot easier if you've got and accounts.

Is your Chrome browser acting a little weird?

If you are having issues that seemingly can't be explained the below steps might help resolve your issue. Keep in mind this will reset chrome to default settings but its easy enough to restore and link data back.

Getting a new phone and want to preemptively reset your MFA?

Great! If you are getting a new phone, and are aware of when you'll receive it. It's handy to advise us firstly, so we can reset your MFA and your new device can authenticate for accounts straight away. Please fill out the issue below and we'll reset as soon as we can.

Access request for OKTA MFA here.

Questions about Okta?

Want to know how as an organization we leverage Okta as a Single Sign On tool? Please click here

Tools and Tips

Check out the Gitlab Tools and Tips pages for recommended software and applications - Tools and Tips

Our security team also did an amazing write-up for Linux installations - Linux Setup