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Business Operations - Salesforce Reference


The purpose of this page is to provide insight into the internal workings of our Salesforce (SFDC) instance, how fields are populated, how fields are calculated, where they are used etc. This page does not serve to describe how the systems should be used by our internal stake holders. Instead it is meant to be used as a reference point for continual development by our internal ops teams as well as a reference point for all GitLab team-members as to the source of the information that is shown within SFDC. The goal of this document is not to document every field that exists within SFDC but instead to highlight the hidden process that affect fields that meet 1 or more of the following criteria

  1. The main fields that are leveraged by the teams (Ex: IACV)
  2. Fields that are updated via automation rules (Ex: Sales Segmentation)
  3. Fields that are sourced from other systems (Ex: DiscoverOrg ID vs id)

Structure of this Document

The structure and sequence of information in this document will follow these guidelines:

SFDC Object

SFDC Object - SFDC Field


Account - Count of Open ZD Tickets

Account - Number of Open Opportunities

Account - Total Account Value

Account - CMRR All Child Accounts

Account - Number of Licenses All Child Accounts

Account - CMRR This Account

Account - Count of Active Subscriptions

Account - Count of Billing Accounts

Account - Count of Child Accounts

Account - Next Renewal Date

Account - Total Invoiced

Account - Oldest Outstanding Invoice Date

Account - Total Invoiced Outstanding

Account - Total Invoiced Paid

Account - Count of Active Subscription Charges

Account - Number of Licenses This Account

Account - Products Purchased


Opportunity - Number of POV's

Opportunity - Count of Ultimate or Premium Products

Opportunity - Count of Professional Services Opportunities

Opportunity - Count of Primary Contacts