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Trade Compliance

General Information

  1. What is Trade Compliance (Export/Import Control)?
  2. How do we comply?
    • We block embargoed countries by IP address from accessing the customer portal at the URL which is for purchases.
    • We use a compliance tool called Visual Compliance which flags for review accounts that are created in Salesforce whether by a person or by a system that appear to be in violation every 15 minutes.
    • We don't include the embargoed countries in our checkout portal picklist for the field Country.
    • We train Sales how to comply with the law.
    • Before the portal completes a transaction, the Portal API checks company or customer name, state, and country.
    • Upon creation of an opportunity, an account will be checked against the Visual Compliance database.
    • Contacts associated with an orders in Salesforce will be checked against the Visual Compliance database.
  3. How often does Legal review the flagged accounts in SFDC?
    • Three times per day.

More Details on How


Effect on accounts

Effect on opportunities


Effect on customer facing web pages


Payment Processing

Future State Considerations