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GitLab Communication Chat


At GitLab, Slack is critical to our communication with each other. While it enables real-time communication, we also are careful to remain true to our asynchronous mindset, suggesting that GitLab team-members set "do not disturb" and not expect real-time answers from others all the time.

There are groups of channels that can help with various areas of GitLab. This page speaks to a few subsets of those channel groups.


General Channels

There are a lot of general channels, just to name a few:

Team Channels

To raise an issue with a specific team, please use below most commonly used channels;

Channel Categories

Account Channels (a_)

These channels (prefixed with a a_) are for team members to collaborate and communicate regarding the account for a customer organization. In some cases, they are marked as private or we are connected to customer's own Slack workspace using Shared Channels.

Many customers that require coordination across GitLab teams have dedicated channels in slack to discuss that customer's needs internally. Those channels are all postfixed with -internal.

Commercial (Mid-Market and SMB) accounts have specific guidelines around having Slack channels with customers.

Feature Channels (f_)

These channels are for teams and GitLab team-members interested in a specific feature that exists in GitLab or is being built today!


Group Channels (g_)

Group channels (prefixed with a g_) correspond to a DevOps Stage group and other engineering departments and teams.


Location Channels (loc_)

These channels are used to help GitLab team-members who are in the same general region of the world to talk about get-togethers and other location-specific items. They are also instrumental if you're going to be visiting somewhere else in the world - there might be a GitLab team-member or two nearby! Feel free to join the channel temporarily to chat with GitLab team-members who live there, and see if there is an opportunity to leverage the visiting grant to add value to your trip.


Section Channels (s_)

Section channels (prefixed with s_) correspond to sections within departments.


Values Feed Channels (values-feed-)

These channels are automated to show all messages from throughout our Slack channels that are reacted to with one of our values emojis:

GitLab Values emojis

The channels are:

Social Groups

In addition to weekly company group calls that bring us together, Gitlab has Social Slack Groups. Social Groups are Slack channels that bring team members together around common interests, hobbies, and lifestyles. Think tennis club, gaming, shell collectors, movie buffs, faith groups, football. You can see a list of Social Slack Groups and their tags below. Feel free to join any that resonate with you. This is a non-exhaustive list, but if you don't see a group you'd love to see on the list, reach out to our diversity and inclusion team and we'd love to explore your idea.