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GitLab has competencies as a common framework to learn things. The competencies include both general and role specific compentencies. Competencies are useful to have a Single Source of Truth (SSoT) for:


  1. Re-use the same materials for different audiences by having them on a competency page.
  2. Accessible to everyone in the world, including doing the test and receiving the certification (via Google forms and Zapier)
  3. Work handbook first so everyone can contribute


The following initiatives should use the same competencies as their SSoT. Instead of maintaining separete materials they should link back to /handbook/competencies/name_of_competency For example more we should have one SSoT for how to articulate the value of GitLab.

  1. Job family requirements
  2. Interview scoring
  3. Promotion criteria
  4. 9 box assessments
  5. Performance/Potential criteria
  6. Succession planning
  7. Learning and development
  8. PDPs/PIPs
  9. Career development
  10. 360 reviews
  11. Manager toolkit
  12. Sales training
  13. Sales enablement sessions
  14. Field enablement
  15. GitLab Training tracks
  16. GitLab University
  17. Customer Success Skills Exchange Sessions
  18. Professional services offerings
  19. Onboarding both general and department specific
  20. Reseller onboarding


  1. Content is in our handbook (with embedded videos and pictures)
  2. Test in in Google Forms (via Zapier you get a certification)
  3. The leadership forum is organized by L&D
  4. Maybe we can also do about 5 questions (with example of a good answer/level) per level


  1. Collaboration
  2. Results
  3. Efficiency
  4. Diversity & Inclusion
  5. Iteration
  6. Transparency
  7. Manager of 1
  8. Working async: Why and How
  9. Well written artifacts
  10. Single Source of Truth
  11. Producing video
  12. Handbook first
  13. Install GitLab
  14. GitLab administration
  15. ROI calculation