Implementation Engineering

Implementation Engineering Handbook

The Implementation Engineering group at GitLab is a part of the Customer Success department. Implementation Engineers have the goal to optimize organization's adoption of GitLab through our implementation services, designed to enable other necessary systems in your environment so that customers can move from planning to monitoring.

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Role & Responsibilities

See the Implementation Engineer role description

Statement of Work creation

The GitLab Implementation Engineering group is responsible for both maintaining the GitLab SOW Template (internal link) as well as the production of new Statements of Work for customer proposals.

To obtain a Statement of Work, open a new SOW issue using the template on the Professional Services project (internal link). We prefer customers to mark up our agreement and SOW template if they request changes. If they require the use of their services terms or SOW, please contact the Implementation Engineering group.

Services Delivery

Implementation Plan

Each services engagement will include an Implementation Plan compiled based on the Statement of Work and other discussions the Implementation Engineering group has with the customer. The Implementation Engineering group also maintains the SOW template located at this internal link.

Implementation Engineering Workflows

For details on the specific Implementation Engineering plays, see implementation engineering workflows.

Selling Professional Services

For details on selling professional services, see Selling Professional Services.

Professional Services Offerings

See Professional Services Offerings.

How to work with/in the Implementation Engineering group

Contacting & Scheduling

At GitLab, Implementation Engineering is part of the Customer Success department. As such, you can engage with Implementation Engineering by following the guidelines for engaging with any Solutions Architect. This process ensures that the Customer Success department as a whole can understand the inbound needs of the account executive and our customers.

For scheduling specific customer engagements, we currently are slotting implementations while our group grows to support the demand for services. If you have a concern about scheduling the engagement, this should be discussed at the Discovery phase. In no case should you commit to dates before receipt of agreements, P.O., etc.

Contacting Implementation Engineering

To contact the Implementation Engineering group, the best way is to follow the guidelines for Engaging a Solutions Architect.

You can also reach the group via the #customer-success Slack Channel.

Implementation Engineering Issue Board

The Implementation Engineering Issue Board is available here. This board contains everything that the group is working on - from strategic initiatives to SOW writing, all group activity is available here.

SOW Issues

When requesting a SOW, Account Executives or Implementation Engineering group members should use the SOW issue template, which automatically shows the required information as well as labels the issue appropriately.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives are undertaken by the Implementation Engineering group to leverage team member time in a given area of the Customer Success Department. This can include increased documentation, better training resources or program development.

Current Strategic Initiatives