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Professional Services Business Operations

  1. SAL and SA have a discussion about services as part of the pre-sales process. Most likely sometime between 2-Scoping and 4-Proposal *️⃣
  2. SAL or SA uses answers from this discussion to generate rough-order-of-magnitude (ROM) for budget qualification using the current services calculator
  3. SAL sends ROM to Manager, Professional Services (or Dir. CS) for approval.
  4. SAL creates new professional services opportunity. This will be a child opportunity to the original opp and have a more compact layout related only to Professional Sertices.**
  5. SAL enters Professional Services Amount to the opportunity to allow for tracking. This will be the initial value of the PS engagement. I will remove the PS Amount field from non-professional services opportunities to ensure this is the only area where PS Amount can be added.
  6. Manager, Professional Services and/or Dir. CS decide if there is enough information to approval straight away or if more discovery is needed.
  7. SAL or CS Team: More discovery could include: additional questions for SAL/SA, additional questions for the customer and/or a separate discussion with a PSE, Manager, PS and/or Dir. CS (Francis: would love to keep the conversions within Salesforce via Chatter)
  8. SAL: Once approved, a quote is generated by SAL using the Zuora Quotes Object. They will use the Professional Services SOW template.
  9. Professional Service Engineering: Once a quote is approved by the customer, SOW is generated by Professional Service Engineering
  10. SAL: Once accepted and signed off by the customer, SAL marks opp to Closed Won.
  11. This triggers the creation of a SOW Project object in Salesforce
  12. Finance bills customer for entire amount (unless the customer has changed these terms in the SOW)
  13. Professional Service Engineer is assigned and conducts project according to the Professional Service Engineering workflows and Manager, Professional Services advances the SOW Project Object in Salesforce
  14. Professional Service Engineer: Once the customer has accepted work as completed, Professional Service Engineering follows financial wrap-up PSE workflow
  15. SAL or TAM: Send sign off document to customer.
  16. Finance is responsible for any collections post-PSE Financial Wrap-up steps