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Services to Accelerate Customer Adoption

Services to Accelerate Customer Adoption


This sales enablement session is designed to help the GitLab Sales team understand our services offerings, how to position them to customers, and the workflow for selling services.


To watch a live version of this session, please see the recording below:

Enablement Deck

To view the enablement deck used in this presentation, please visit this internal link

Learning Objectives

  1. Why sell Professional Services?
  2. Services Portfolio
  3. Current state & improvements
  4. Services: Positioning and Process
  5. Where to go for help

Professional Services: What, Why and How


Accelerate our customers’ DevOps Transformation by delivering services to improve operational efficiency, accelerate time to market and reduce risk through GitLab product adoption

Why GitLab Professional Services?



How will we deliver?

  1. Direct via GitLab resources
  2. Partner delivered (future)

Types of Service

For details in the types of services we offer, see our levels of service

How to order

Ordering services is done through an ** Off-the-shelf SKU** or a Statement of Work. See the selling services workflow for more details.


Command of Message questions to ask

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Deliver Better Products Faster

Reduce Security and Compliance Risk