Solutions Architect Onboarding

When a GitLab Solutions Architect starts they will need to complete an intensive bootcamp.

Their manager will create an onboarding issue to track their progress by copying the content from the raw Markdown source.

Week 1 : General Onboarding

Week 2: Technical Onboarding

GIT Basics

Goal: Become familiar with git and GitLab basics

GitLab General Knowledge

Goal: Understand how GitLab is used by our customers

GitLab Product Knowledge

Goal: Get familiar with the products & services GitLab offers and how we deliver them to customers

Perform each of the following Installation Methods on your preferred test environment you chose above:

Week 3: Team Onboarding

GitLab Support

Goal: Get to know GitLab Support

Goal: Get to know Zendesk

Goal: Get to know how GitLab uses Zendesk in Support

GitLab Sales

Goal: Learn how GitLab Sales as a whole operates

In the Sales Folder, familiarize yourself with:

Other Teams

Goal: Get to know how other teams at GitLab help our product and customers


Goal: Self-assess your progress in general Git knowledge as well as GitLab product knowledge

Week 4: GitLab SME

GitLab SME Information

Goal: Start becoming a GitLab SME

In-depth product Knowledge

Goal: Learn detailed information about maintaining and administering GitLab using GitLab rake commands


Goal: Self-assess your progress in detailed GitLab Product Knowledge

Week 5 & Onward

Understanding the Competition

Goal: Learned detailed information about our competition and why we believe GitLab to be a superior solution


Goal: Understand Integrations of other products (including competitive products) with GitLab

Custom Integrations

Goal: Understand how developers and customers can produce custom integrations to GitLab

If you want to integrate with GitLab there are three possible paths you can take:


Goal: Understand how migrations from other Version Control Systems to Git & GitLab work


Goal: Self-assess your progress in Integrations & Migrations

Demo Scenarios

You will be required to demo to team all demo scenarios specific to customer/prospect requirements in mock style showing business value. Unless otherwise specified, follow these steps for each scenario outlined below:

Goal: Final certification as an SA