Solutions Architect Onboarding


Week 1

Regular Onboarding Duties

Week 2 Technical Onboarding

Download Git Stage 1: Become familiar with git and GitLab basics

Cover the Beginner and Intermediate sections (and a few Advanced) in the GitLab University ( Under the topic of Git

Perform each of the following Installation Methods ( on your preferred test environment you chose above:

Getting to know GitLab Support

Complete Zendesk Agent training (allow 40 minutes for completion)

Self assessments

Week 3-4

In the Sales Folder, familiarize yourself with: Our Sales Agenda Competition

Self assessments

Week 5-6

Understanding the Competition (Competition (

Understand Integrations

Migrations from other Version Control Systems

Integrating with GitLab

Ways to Integrate

If you want to integrate with GitLab there are three possible paths you can take:

Self assessments

Solutions Architect Pre sales activities

Solutions Architect Post sales activities

Demo Scenarios You will be required to demo to team all demo scenarios specific to customer/prospect requirements in mock style showing business value (

Final certification