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Solutions Architect Handbook

Solutions Architects (SA) are the trusted advisors to GitLab prospects and customers during the presales motion, demonstrating how the GitLab application and GitLab Professional Services address common and unique business requirements. SA's add value to GitLab by providing subject matter expertise and industry experience throughout the sales process.

SA's identify and propose comprehensive solutions to complex business problems and workflow scenarios after compiling inputs from customer conversations. Desired inputs include pain points, role-based visibility concerns, opportunities for improved efficiencies, current technologies and tools, corporate initiatives, target outcomes and more. SA's also act as the technical liaison between the sales team and other groups within GitLab, engaging GitLab employees from other teams as needed in order meet the needs of the customer.

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Role & Responsiblities

See the Solutions Architect role description

In addition to core responsibilities, Solutions Architects may assist in other client-facing activities aligned to Content Marketing or Product Marketing such as blogs, videos, webinars, presentations and industry trade show presence. Some examples are listed below:

Engaging a Solutions Architect

1) Qualification

2) Preparation

When and How to Engage a Solutions Architect

The SA should either be included in a discovery call or provided with Outcome / Infrastructure / Challenges (see above) information uncovered by prior interactions with the account. Occasionally, SA's may support a combination call of discovery and technical demonstration/deep-dive on a single call, but this is suboptimal as the latter approach does not allow the SA time to prepare for and/or tailor the discussion.

Strategic Account Engagement Model

SA's are aligned regionally with Strategic Account Leaders and aligned in their respective account activities. Each team collaborates according to their own Working Agreements.

As a general guideline, no more than 2 Solutions Architects should join any single client-facing call, whether it be assistive for the topic or for learning / shadowing.

Mid-Market Engagement Model

Any SA can be requested by an Account Executive using the Mid-Market process described below. See the following Internal Only video: How to engage Solutions Architects using GitLab for a brief overview.

1) Navigate to the SA Service Desk Board

NOTE: The board is located in the Group “Customer Success” and the name of the project is “SA Service Desk”

2) Create a new issue

3) Use one of two templates

4) To help the SA group ensure success for the client, the following information should be made available prior to SA engagement

5) (Optional) Associate one or more of the following labels as needed

Weekly SA Triage Assignment

Each week, a Solutions Architect is assigned as the 'Triage SA' for the week. This is indicated both in the SA Triaged label (e.g. SA Triaged - Feb 12-16 - @dt) as well as in the #customer-success channel in Slack.

Triage Call

The Solutions Architect group hosts a triage call two times each week. Each week, a volunteer "Triage SA" facilitates this call.

The call is on Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 pm EST (9:30 am PST). Anyone at GitLab is welcome to join these calls via Zoom

Board Label Descriptions