Solutions Architects

Solutions Architect Handbook

Solution Architects (SA) are the trusted advisors to GitLab prospects and clients, showing how the GitLab solutions address clients business requirements.

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Role & Responsiblities

See the Solutions Architect role description

Before getting SA involved

1) Qualification:

2) Preparation:

Help us, help them. 3 ASKs:

When and How to Engage a Solutions Architect

The SA should either be included in a discovery call or provided with Outcome / Infrastructure / Challenges (see above) information uncovered by prior interactions with the account. Occasionally, we could support a combination call of discovery and technical demonstration/deep-dive, but this is suboptimal. However, the latter approach does not allow the SA time to prepare for and/or tailor the discussion.

Strategic Account Engagement Protocol:

SAs are aligned regionally with Strategic Account Leaders and plan their respective account activities. Each team collaborates according to their own Working Agreements.

Mid-Market Engagement Protocol:

Any SA can be requested by an Account Executive using the Mid-Market process described below. See the following Internal Only Video: How to engage Solutions Architects using GitLab for a brief overview.

1) Navigate to the SA Service Desk Board here

NOTE: The board is located in the Group “Customer Success” and the name of the project is “SA Service Desk”

2) Create a new issue
3) Use one of two templates,

4) To help the SA group ensure success for your customer, we request the following information prior to SA engagement:

5) (Optional) Associate one or more of the following labels as needed. Labels

Weekly SA Triage Assignment

Each week, a Solutions Architect is assigned as the 'Triage SA' for the week. This is indicated both in the SA Triaged label (e.g. SA Triaged - Feb 12-16 - @dt) as well as in the #solutions_architect channel in Slack.

Triage Call

The Solutions Architect group hosts a triage call two (2) times a week.

The current week assigned Triage SA facilitates this call. You can find who the current triager is on the #solutions_architect channel in Slack.

The call is on Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 pm Eastern 9:30 am Pacific. We invited the entire company to join us on these calls, and you can join with this Zoom link

Board Label Descriptions