Solutions Architects

Solutions Architect Handbook

Solution Architects are the trusted advisors to GitLab prospects and clients, showing how the GitLab solutions address clients business requirements.

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Role & Responsiblities

See the Solutions Architect job description

When and How to Engage a Solutions Architect

Engaging GitLab Solutions Architects

Before getting SA involved:

1) Qualification:

2) Preparation:

Help us, help them. 3 ASKs:

The SA should either be included in a discovery call or provided with Outcome / Infrastructure / Challenges (see below) information uncovered by the AM in prior interactions with the account. Occasionally, we could support a combination call of discovery and technical demonstration/deep-dive, but this is suboptimal. However, the latter approach does not allow the SA time to prepare for and/or tailor the discussion.

Outcome WIIFM/T. What’s in it for them? Why are they looking at a new strategy for s/w dev. We need to be able to tailor our demos and presentations to demonstrate value and how we can address their issues.

Infrastructure What i2p tools do they currently have in place? E.g. Jenkins for CI, Ansible/Chef for automation, Codebear for review, VS/eclipse/emacs/vim for dev, etc.

Challenges What problems/roadblocks are they having? Release velocity, visibility, collaboration, automation.

Engagement Protocol:

First, Navigate to the SA Service Desk Board here

NOTE: The board is located in the Group “Customer Success” and the name of the project is “SA Service Desk”

1) Create a new issue
2) Use one of two templates…

3) Add the “SA Backlog” label to the Issue
4) The SA Group will triage the SA Backlog queue and collaborate with the submitter via Issue Discussions.

NOTE: This will not replace SFDC. The SAs will still be required to input the necessary information for each account that is critical to the strategy

Triage Process

Engaging with Solutions Architects

For engaging Solutions, Architects, see this page on the Solutions Architects handbook.

The SA Service Desk

The SA Group works from the SA Service Desk. This is the central place for the Sales Function to interact with the SA group and request assistance for customers. Discovery Calls, POCs, Professional Service Engagements all start as an issue on the SA Service Desk.

To open an issue, visit the new SA Service Desk issue and select the SA Activity template. This template collects the basic information about the need for SA engagement.

Information to Collect To help the Solutions Architect group ensure success for your customer, we request the following information prior to SA engagement:


Weekly SA Triage Assignment

Each week one specific Solutions Architect is assigned as the Triage SA for the week. This is indicated both in the SA Triaged label as well as in the #solutions_architect channel in Slack.

Triage Call

The Solutions Architect group hosts a triage call three times a week.

The current week assigned Triage SA facilitates this call. You can find who the current triager is on the #solutions_architect channel in Slack.

The call is on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 12:30 pm Easter,n 9:30 am Pacific. We invited the entire company to join us on these calls, and you can join with this Zoom link