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Technical Account Management

Technical Account Management Handbook

What is a Technical Account Manager (TAM)?

GitLab's Technical Account Managers serve as trusted advisors to GitLab customers. They offer guidance, planning and oversight during the technical deployment and implementation process. They fill a unique space in the overall service lifecycle and customer journey and actively bind together sales, solution architects, customer stakeholders, product management, Professional Services Engineers and support.

See the Technical Account Manager role description for further information.


A Technical Account Manager is an advocate for both the customer and GitLab. They act on behalf of customers serving as a feedback channel to development and shaping of the product. In good balance, they also advocate on behalf of GitLab to champion capabilities and features that will improve quality, increase efficiency and realize new value for our customer base.



Technical Account Managers maintain the relationships between the customers and GitLab. Making sure that everyone is working towards pre-defined goals and objectives.


Technical Account Managers help to bring GitLab to all aspects of your company, not just software development. They can do this by showing other business unit's how to use GitLab for their day-to-day tasks and to advocate for new features and functionality that are in demand by other groups.


Technical Account Managers make sure that the adoption of GitLab is successful at your company through planning, implementation, adoption, training and regular healthchecks.

Responsibilities and Services

Customers with a minimum Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $50,000 are aligned with a Technical Account Manager. There are various services a Technical Account Manager will provide to ensure that customers get the best value possible out of their relationship with GitLab and their utilisation of GitLab's products and services. These services include, but are not limited to:

Relationship Management



It is also possible for a customer to pay for a Technical Account Manager's services in order to receive priority, "white glove" assistance, guidance and support as well as more time allocated to their account on a monthly basis. There are also additional services a Technical Account Manager will provide to the services listed above.