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Customer Health Scores

Technical Account Management Handbook

Customer Health Scores

In order to manage customers at scale we must have a consistent way of keeping track of customer details including the current “health” of the customer. The health of a customer is affected by many different factors including product usage, support interactions, internal budgets, and TAM communication.

The current health of a customer is also directly related to the customer’s journey with GitLab. Because of this, customer health and the running communication notes between a TAM and the customer should be closely linked. Since the primary location for recording customer health scores is in Salesforce, the running call notes should also be available in this location. For additional information, watch a short (private- watch as GitLab Unfiltered ) video on updating Customer Health and review the Customer Health Dashboard.

See Health Scoring Criteria.

Meeting Notes

Meeting/call notes are the running notes for the TAM’s regular interaction with the client. The call notes should at least cover the following topics:

At the end of each customer call any changes to customer health should be reflected in the appropriate Salesforce field. If the Customer Health Score drops below Yellow an issue must be created in the Account Triage Project, see details here.

Call notes should be saved in Google Drive (here) following this format:

/Sales/Customers & Prospects/A/Acme/Acme - Meeting Notes

A link to this document should appear in the “Health Score Reasons” field in Salesforce.

See an example meeting notes here.

The rationale for saving call notes in this manner is as follows:

Determining Customer Health

Refer back to the Health Scoring Criteria for details on what each health score is intended to represent. Some common things to look out for during regular meetings are:

Customer Cadence

Customer cadence calls should be scheduled weekly during the customer onboarding phase and at least monthly otherwise. Health scores should be updated at the end of each cadence call if there is a change. The Customer Health Score Date will automatically update if the Customer Health Score is changed, otherwise TAMs should update the date field so the broader team to know customer health is current.