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Account Onboarding

Technical Account Management Handbook

Customer Onboarding

When a customer with the Gemstone Ruby or above purchases or upgrades GitLab, an onboarding object is automatically created.

The Technical Account Management team are subscribed to the Customer Onboarding Report in Salesforce, emailed every Monday. Use the Customer Onboarding Dashboard for richer analysis.

Handy tip: In order to delete an onboarding object, you must first make yourself the owner of it.

Once an account has been assigned to a Technical Account Manager, they must open an onboarding issue in the Customer Onboarding GitLab project. The issue template has instructions.

The goal of the issue template is to help Technical Account Managers more consistently deliver a more thorough onboarding experience for customers, so they are set-up for success. If an item in the checklist doesn't make sense for a particular customer, mark it complete and leave a note in the comments.

An overview of these tools is recorded in this video (Private Gitlab Unfiltered link).

Customer Support

GitLab offers a variety of support options for all customers and users on both paid and free tiers. For customers on Standard and Priority support tiers please address the below items when submitting a support ticket:

  1. Provide as much detail as possible during the first submission of the ticket

  2. Summary of issue (when did it start, how frequently, impact on organization, etc.)
    • Detailed steps to recreate
    • Current behavior
    • Expected behavior
    • Any recent changes to Gitlab, its components, dependencies, or the services it's hosted on?
    • Attach logs and screenshots (avoid attaching .doc or .pdf files)
  3. Try and avoid requesting a call during the initial ticket submission. We would like to keep all communication within the ticket and attempt to resolve the issue here before going to a call.

  4. If a call is necessary, the support engineer will invite your team to a call via the ticket

  5. If a support engineer requests follow up items, please make sure to respond back with these items. This will help us resolve the issue as quickly as possible


The purpose of a playbook is to build standardized, repeatable and scalable processes. A playbook helps you quality assure the basics of your customer success methodology. All of our playbooks will be stored on our GDrive under Sales/Customer Success/Playbooks.