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TAM Responsibilities and Services

Responsibilities and Services

All Premium Enterprise customers with a minimum Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $100,000 are aligned with a Technical Account Manager.

Commercial (Mid-Market and SMB) customers are eligible for a TAM based on varying factors, such as tier, ARR, and potential for growth. The TAM will work with their aligned Account Executive to determine which accounts to prioritize.

There are various services a Technical Account Manager will provide to ensure that customers get the best value possible out of their relationship with GitLab and their utilization of GitLab's products and services. These services typically include the following. Please note this list is not definitive, and more services may be provided than listed or some may not be offered, depending on the size and details of the account.

Relationship Management



It is also possible for a customer to pay for a Technical Account Manager's services in order to receive priority, "white glove" assistance, guidance and support as well as more time allocated to their account on a monthly basis. There are also additional services a Technical Account Manager will provide to the services listed above.