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TAM Manager Handbook

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This page provides an overview on relevant TAM Managers processes.

Review Processes

Below are some of the top processes to be performed by TAM Managers on a recurring cadence. The overall goal is to ensure the TAM Manager has a strong grasp on their team's group of customers through various data points (health, Support tickets, Onboarding objects, renewals, etc.). Resources such as Dashboards and videos are included for easy reference.

Review Checklist

For TAM Managers, here is a short checklist to assist in the review:

Account Assignment

Accounts are assigned at point of sale by the TAM Manager when a new Account in their region fits the criteria in TAM Responsibilities and Services.

When an Account meets the critera, the following will happen:

While the SAL owns the transition-to-TAM aspect, the TAM Manager will then ensure the new account is assigned to a TAM and Onboarding has commenced.

Assignment Resources

Customer Onboarding Review

On a regular basis, the TAM Manager should review their team's active Onboarding plays. The Onboarding plays can be reviewed with each individual in one-on-one meetings. Onboarding is measured by the time to value metrics. Consider:

  1. How many and which accounts are in onboarding?
  2. What do Time to Value metrics look like?
  3. After looking at the detail, what are areas we want to improve and areas to celebrate?

Onboarding Resources

Success Plan Review

On a regular basis the TAM Manager should review their team's Success Plans. At a minimum, the review should include:

  1. What is the customer's documented strategy and is that aligned to why they bought?
  2. Are all parties (SAL/AE, SA, TAM, customer) aligned on the stated goals?
  3. If the objectives are met, are they in the customer's best interest?
  4. Are the outcomes measurable (either as a deliverable or quantifiable)?
  5. Is the customer on track to meet or exceed their business outcomes?
  6. Are the next steps for demonstrating value defined and in place?

The TAM Manager should then work with their team to help the TAM drive up and demonstrate value to the customer.

Success Plan Resources

Triage and Health Review

On at least a monthly basis, review accounts within your region for upcoming one-one-ones and the team triage call. This includes reviewing:

  1. Gainsight region dashboard for unhealthy accounts
    1. Red accounts to inquire about in upcoming one-on-ones
    2. Outdated customer health reviews to discuss in upcoming one-on-ones
  2. The GitLab Triage board for accounts in triage

Triage Resources

Renewal Review

At least twice-monthly the TAM Manager should review their region's dashboard for upcoming renewals and review questions such as:

  1. Which renewals are coming this quarter?
  2. Which renewals are coming in the next 2-3 quarters?
  3. What is the health of the accounts?
  4. Is the health of each account up to date?
  5. Based on this analysis, what are my next steps for the customer's success and our Gross and Net Retention goals?

The TAM Manager should then work with their TAM to ensure collaboration with the GitLab team (SAL/AE, SA, and TAM) for a successful renewal.

Renewal Resources

Quarterly Business Review (QBR)

The TAM Manager is responsible for developing and delivering a Quarterly Business Review for their team each quarter.

TAM Manager QBR details

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