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Account Triaging

In order to prevent customer churn and improve retention of our customers, we have an Account Triage project in GitLab.

Account Triage Project

If customer at risk of non-renewal, i.e. with a health score of Amber or Red in SFDC, create an issue in the Account Triage project.

All TAM's meet weekly to review the issue board for current "at risk" account activity. The meeting is a peer review of new at risk accounts to make sure activities are followed up on and owned across the business and is also a chance to discuss tactics/strategies on those accounts in case anything different should be done.

The triage team also needs to check the health score report to ensure that all Amber and Red accounts have indeed been added to the board, and to make sure that all issues in the project have the correct health score according to SFDC. If the scores do not match, reach out to the TAM to find out why and rectify it.

Generally, this account is for Amber and Red accounts. If a TAM has an account that is Yellow, and feels they need help and support on that account from their team / the triage team described below, then they may add an issue on the triage board for that account.

When an account is added to the issue board, assign it with a 'triage team', which should include:

This team will have responsibility for managing the account as a team until renewal point.

The objective here is to try and retain customers, and reduce churn whilst balancing that with the demands of the rest of the business. For example, if a customer is at risk over a feature that needs to be built, that cost on engineering/product time needs to be balanced with the commercial attractiveness of the customer. For that reason it is a good idea for a representative of the product team to also attend the review meetings, as required.

Having such a process in place ensures that we are being proactive about managing our churn risk. It also means that we gain good visibility of potential churn in advance. If there are commonalities to churn risk customers, that will also help with visibility and prioritisation of any work required - or of any other problems.

If you move an account to Green or Yellow from Amber or Red, close it. Make sure you close it AND add the label so we can see the history in the issue.

This project/process is a work in progress and can always be improved. If you have suggestions on how to improve it, please leave add your thoughts to this issue.


Health scores (

Rough guide below on what the health of an account in a certain category looks like:





Triage Labels for at risk (~red) accounts

See Churn Classification for more info on these labels.

Workflow labels

Every new issue will have the ~New label. Use the "Colours" board as your main view when viewing issues via an issue board. Once you have reviewed the issue, remove the ~New label.