Designer Onboarding

Awesome! You're about to become a GitLab designer! Make sure you've checked out our [handbook] beforehand, so you get a feeling of how we work at GitLab. Below you'll find everything you need to start designing. If something is missing, add it (as goes with everything at GitLab)!

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Slack channels

You're welcome to join as many Slack channels as you'd like, but these will help you get up and running:


As you may already know, at GitLab we work in the open, and a large part of that is documenting our process and company culture. Read the entire handbook as time allows, it's a really great resource. However, in the meantime, you might find these sections of the handbook particularly useful in getting started:

Design tools

Every (marketing) designer receives licenses for Adobe CC and Sketch.

Gathering Feedback

As Design can be subjective, discussion can heat up. Always try to be direct, but kind. Try to give your best reasoning for your choices and evaluate everyone's opinions. Try to come up with a solution instead of discussing endlessly. If you think additional perspective is needed mention a fellow designer in the issue.

Marketing OKRs

Learn more about OKRs and how we use them on the Marketing Team to stay the course.