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Triaging Issues

Triaging issues involves investigating and applying labels and milestones to issues.

Issues filter

Issues that need triaging are considered as follows:

Issues are considered partially triaged if they have been assigned for scheduling or awaiting feedback labels.

Issues are fully triaged when they have been assigned a Milestone, even if it is Backlog

An issue that has been assigned to a user, but has no milestone, is not triaged, but is considered the responsibility of that user, and is not part of our triage queue at this time.

Label glossary

Label What it means How to handle it
Awaiting Feedback Information has been requested from the user If no reply has been received in two weeks, the issue can be closed.

Response templates

Copy and paste into issues where appropriate

If someone is asking for support in the omnibus-gitlab project, point them to the correct place to look

This doesn't appear to be an issue with omnibus-gitlab itself. This can be the case when installation and `gitlab-ctl reconfigure` run went without issues, but your GitLab instance is still giving 500 error page with an error in the log.

You can check for ways to get help at the [GitLab website](https://about.gitlab.com/getting-help/).