Executive Assistants

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This page details processes specific to the Executive Assistants of GitLab. The page is intended to be helpful, feel free to deviate from it and update this page if you think it makes sense. If there are things that might seem pretentious or overbearing please raise them so we can remove or adapt them. Many items on this page are guidelines.

Meeting request requirements

If you want to schedule a meeting, email the EA the following:

In case you have a same day request, you can send the same information in the "ea-team" Slack channel. If not, you don't have to ping us on Slack if you already sent the email.

Formats for invites

Make sure to include the following in the description:

Meetings in the boardroom

Please read our Company page as preparation for this meeting: /company/
Executive cell:
Guest cell:

Copy-paste instructions to GitLab boardroom from the Google Doc the EAs have saved

General scheduling guidelines

E Group In-person Meetings and Board Meetings

There should be one invite for all attendees that includes the following:

Make sure to:


Physical Mail


EAs do research for the best option for a flight and propose this before booking. Make sure to add a calendar item for 2 hours before take off for check in and add a separate one for travel time before that in the exec's calendar. If a flight was changed or not taken due to delays or other circumstances, make sure to check with the airline for the current flight status.


Scheduling preferences for Sid Sijbrandij, CEO

Travel preferences

Current preferences for flights are:

Pick your brain meetings

If people want advice on open source, remote work, or other things related to GitLab we'll consider that. If Sid approves of the request we suggest the following since we want to make sure the content is radiated as wide as possible.:

  1. We send an email: "Thanks for being interested in GitLab. If we schedule a meeting it will follow the format on /handbook/ceo/#pick-your-brain-meetings Are you able to submit a draft post with us within 48 hours of interview?"
  2. If we receive a positive answer we schedule a 50 minute Youtube Livestream that is automatically recorded by us and shared with you right after the call. More people can then also join and ask questions in chat.
  3. Within 48 hours you share a draft post with us in a Google Doc with suggestion or edit rights for anyone that knows the url.
  4. You can redact anything you don't want to publish.
  5. Our content department will work with you to publish the post within the agreed timeframe.
  6. A great examples of this in action are the first few times we did this /2016/07/14/building-an-open-source-company-interview-with-gitlabs-ceo/ and https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12615723. Both got to nr. 1 on Hacker News.

The EA-team will follow up to make sure the draft post is submitted and coordinate with Marketing to cross-post on our blog.

Reply to emails: Thanks for wanting to chat. I propose we meet in the format proposed on /handbook/ceo/#pick-your-brain-meetings so that other people benefit from our conversation too. If you're up for that please work with Cheri (cc:) to schedule.

Scheduling Pick Your Brain meetings

Scheduling for Barbie Brewer, CCO

Scheduling for Michael McBride, CRO

Scheduling for Eric Johnson, VPE