Frontend Engineer Compensation Roadmap



131000 at the intermediate level in San Francisco, CA USA


Attribute Grade Comment
Materials B The description and career development materials need to be unified. The title is fine.
Recruiting C We are seeing a high rise in offers declined due to low compensation
Employee Satisfaction C There is sensitivity around the Backend Engineer benchmark being raised in October 2018 because it is a close peer to this role.
External Comparables A The role is at the 50th percentile based on our market data.
Internal Comparables B The Backend Engineer benchmark is significantly higher than this benchmark. A differential is normal but we need to look into the degree of it.
Bonus C This role has incentive bonuses at the Distinguished/Director level and above, but not at the Staff/Manager level

Attribute Descriptions

Grading Rubric


As of April 2, 2019 we believe we should advocate for the following: