Software Engineer in Test Compensation Roadmap




Attribute Grade Comment
Materials B Title is now Software Engineer in Test to reflect the team's skillsets and modern industry standards. We are trailing behind on visionaries where the role is a Developer focused solely on test tools and infrastructure e.g. Google SETIs.
Talent Acquisition B We are attracting candidates and routinely on our hiring plan, though we have lost some candidates due to compensation expectations.
Employee Satisfaction A All titles have been updated to Software Engineer in Test.
External Comparables A We have adjusted the benchmark using qualified candidate's expectations. Current there is no good survey data for a Software Engineer in Test as it is a newer role within the industry.
Internal Comparables B There may be sensitivity that there are Backend Engineers in the same department (Quality) who are on a different benchmark.
Bonus C This role has incentive bonuses at the Distinguished/Director level and above, but not at the Staff/Manager level

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