Technical Writer Compensation Roadmap




Attribute Grade Comment
Materials B Title and job descriptions are clear and detailed. Career development artifacts need to be developed.
Talent Acquisition B Nearly caught up to plan after being behind due to relying on a senior pipeline exclusively (no intermediate pipeline), and due to the challenge in finding senior candidates with sufficient qualifications. We have improved this by (re-)posting both levels, better promoting openings, and conducting more active recruitment. Compensation has been a problem for several candidates this year. We may need to skew higher than average non-GitLab "technical writer" roles, as the title can bring a large range of technical expertise, and we require more than average.
Employee Satisfaction A No complaints and some positive reactions on salary level since the January 2020 update to base salary.
External Comparables B We are at or above the 50th percentile based on external data
Internal Comparables B Comp is 10% under Support Engineer and 8.5% under Web Content Manager, yet both have commonalities with this role's technical and communication skills. We should probably be close or closer to those roles in salary.
Bonus C No bonuses at the Staff/Manager level and below.

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As of April 28, 2020 we believe we should advocate for the following:

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