Technical Writer Compensation Roadmap



at the intermediate level in San Francisco, CA USA


Attribute Grade Comment
Materials B Title and job descriptions are clear and detailed. Career development artifacts need to be developed.
Recruiting B Nearly caught up to plan after being behind due to relying on a senior pipeline exclusively (no intermediate pipeline), and due to the challenge in finding senior candidates with sufficient qualifications. We have improved this by (re-)posting both levels, better promoting openings, and conducting more active recruitment. Compensation has been a problem for several candidates this year. We may need to skew higher than average non-GitLab "technical writer" roles, as the title can bring a large range of technical expertise, and we require more than average.
Employee Satisfaction A No complaints and some positive reactions on salary level since the January 2019 update to base salary.
External Comparables TBD Need comparison to external data, which has been requested of Compensation and Benefits.
Internal Comparables B Comp is 10% under Support Engineer and 8.5% under Web Content Manager, yet both have commonalities with this role's technical and communication skills. We should probably be close or closer to those roles in salary.
Bonus C No bonuses at the Staff/Manager level and below.

Attribute Descriptions

Grading Rubric


As of September 24, 2019 we believe we should advocate for the following: