Test Automation Engineer Compensation Roadmap



131000 at the intermediate level in San Francisco, CA USA


Attribute Grade Comment
Materials C The description and career development materials need to be unified. The title should be updated to Software Engineer in Test to reflect the team's skill sets and modern industry standards.
Recruiting B We are attracting candidates and routinely on our hiring plan, though we have lost some candidates due to compensation expectations.
Employee Satisfaction B Discussions around the title refresh have been brought up by team members. Existing hires have also held this title in their previous job experience.
External Comparables C We are at the 50th percentile based on our compensation data. We are not attracting candidates who hold Software Engineer in Test positions. We have lost candidates in the hiring pipeline.
Internal Comparables B There may be sensitivity that there are Backend Engineers in the same department (Quality) who are on a different benchmark.
Bonus C This role has incentive bonuses at the Distinguished/Director level and above, but not at the Staff/Manager level

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As of April 18, 2019 we believe we should advocate for the following: