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Create Team

The Create team is responsible for all backend aspects of the Create stage of the DevOps lifecycle, which is all about creating code, and includes all functionality around source code management, code review (merge requests), the Web IDE, wikis, and snippets.

For more details about the vision for this area of the product, please see the Create stage page and the 2019 product vision blog post.

Team members

Person Role
Douwe Maan Engineering Manager, Create
Tiago Botelho Backend Engineer, Create
Nick Thomas Staff Backend Engineer, Create
Oswaldo Ferreira Backend Engineer, Create
Bob Van Landuyt Backend Engineer, Create
Francisco Javier López Senior Backend Engineer, Create
Mark Chao Backend Engineer, Create

Stable counterparts

Person Role
André Luís Interim Frontend Engineering Manager, Create & Plan
Sam Bigelow Frontend Engineer, Create
Phil Hughes Senior Frontend Engineer, Create
Paul Slaughter Frontend Engineer, Create
Jeethu Karthik UX Designer, Create
James Ramsay Product Manager, Create
Mark Lapierre Senior Test Automation Engineer, Create


In general, we use the standard GitLab engineering workflow. To get in touch with the Create team, it's best to create an issue in the relevant project (typically GitLab CE) and add the ~Create label, along with any other appropriate labels. Then, feel free to ping the relevant Product Manager and/or Engineering Manager as listed above.

For more urgent items, feel free to use #g_create on Slack.


The Create team conducts monthly retrospectives in GitLab issues. These include the backend team, plus any people from frontend, UX, and PM who have worked with that team during the release being retrospected.

These are confidential during the initial discussion, then made public in time for each month's GitLab retrospective. For more information, see team retrospectives.