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The purpose of this page is to document engineering-led processes and initiatives specific to the Manage team.

The responsibilities of this team are described by the Manage product category. Among other things, this means working on GitLab's functionality around user, group and project administration, authentication, access control, and subscriptions.

To find out more about what areas of the product we are responsible for, the product vision, and the product process (e.g. how to get Issues prioritized), then please head over to the Manage product page.

Team members

Person Role
Liam McAndrew Engineering Manager, Manage & Growth
Rubén Dávila Backend Engineer, Manage
James Lopez Senior Backend Engineer, Manage
James Edwards-Jones Backend Engineer, Manage
Imre Farkas Senior Backend Engineer, Manage

Stable counterparts

Person Role
Luke Bennett Frontend Engineer, Manage
Dennis Tang Interim Frontend Engineering Manager, Manage & Growth
Martin Wortschack Senior Frontend Engineer, Manage
Brandon Labuschagne Frontend Engineer, Manage
Matej Latin Senior UX Designer, Manage
Chris Peressini UX Designer, Manage
Jeremy Watson Product Manager, Manage
Andreas Kämmerle Product Manager, Manage & Geo
Sanad Liaquat Senior Test Automation Engineer, Manage

Working on unscheduled issues

Everyone at GitLab has the freedom to manage their work as they see fit, because we measure results, not hours. Part of this is the opportunity to work on items that aren't scheduled as part of the regular monthly release. This is mostly a reiteration of items elsewhere in the handbook, and it is here to make those explicit:

  1. We expect people to be managers of one, and we use GitLab ourselves. If you see something that you think is important, you can request for it to be scheduled, or you can work on a proposal yourself, as long as you keep your other priorities in mind.
  2. From time to time, there are events that GitLabbers can participate in, like the issue bash and content hack days. Anyone is welcome to participate in these.

When you pick something to work on, please:

  1. Follow the standard workflow and assign it to yourself.
  2. Share it in #g_manage to encourage transparency