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Plan Team

The Plan team works on the backend part of GitLab for the Plan product category. Among other things, this means working on GitLab's issue tracker, integration with external trackers, Markdown rendering, Elasticsearch integration, and email notifications.


The due-22nd Label

The Plan team follows the engineering workflow, with one experimental addition: the due-22nd label. This indicates issues that have a soft due-date of the 22nd of the month (two weeks after the kick-off on the 8th), as opposed to other issues which can be completed at any time during the month. We are still evaluating this label and its usage, but we hope to:

  1. Help Product communicate priority outside boards, in a more granular way than the existing Deliverable and Stretch labels.
  2. Force ourselves to ensure issues are scoped down appropriately.
  3. Give everyone a clearer sense of the state of the milestone; if all of the due-22nd issues are still open on the 24th, for instance, then we are probably at risk of other issues slipping.


The Plan team conducts monthly retrospectives in GitLab issues. These include the backend team, plus any people from frontend, UX, and PM who have worked with that team during the release being retrospected.

These are confidential during the initial discussion, then made public in time for each month's GitLab retrospective. For more information, see team retrospectives.