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CI/CD Section


To enable software teams around the world to be confident in their delivery by providing a comprehensive CI/CD platform that enables them to Do Powerful Things Easily.


As engineers in CI/CD we know our customers because we are our customers, and we are constantly striving make our platform better for everyone. We do this through iteration, dogfooding, and being involved in our open source community. We innovate, we collaborate, and we challenge assumptions to arrive at great results.

We take ownership of the things we build, with a focus on stability and availability. We do this by having a deep technical understanding of the operation and performance characteristics of our platform, and a proactive perspective to future growth.

Who we are

The CI/CD section is made up of 3 stages:

  1. Verify
  2. Package
  3. Release

Verify:Continuous Integration

Person Role
Cheryl L. Engineering Manager, Verify:Continuous Integration


Person Role
Elliot Rushton Engineering Manager, Verify:Runner
Tomasz Maczukin Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Steve Azzopardi Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Georgi Georgiev Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Pedro Pombeiro Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Lyubomir Raykov Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner


Person Role
Ricky Wiens Engineering Manager, Verify:Testing
Drew Cimino Backend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Erick Bajao Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Maxime Orefice Backend Engineer, Verify:Testing

Verify Frontend

Person Role
Daniel Cipoletti Frontend Engineering Manager, Verify
Miranda Fluharty Frontend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Scott Hampton Frontend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Payton Burdette Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Frédéric Caplette Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration


Person Role
Daniel Croft Engineering Manager, Package
Nick Kipling Senior Frontend Engineer, Package
Steve Abrams Backend Engineer, Package
David Fernandez Senior Backend Engineer, Package
Giorgenes Gelatti Backend Engineer, Package
Hayley Swimelar Backend Engineer, Package
João Pereira Senior Backend Engineer, Package
Nicolò Maria Mezzopera Senior Frontend Engineer, Package

Release:Progressive Delivery

Person Role
Chase Southard Engineering Manager, Release:Progressive Delivery
Shinya Maeda Senior Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Jason Goodman Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Etienne Baqué Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Amy Troschinetz Senior Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery

Release:Release Management

Person Role
John Hampton (Interim) Engineering Manager, Release:Release Management
Krasimir Angelov Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Sean Carroll Senior Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Vladimir Shushlin Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Jaime Martínez Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management

Release Frontend

Person Role
Nicole Williams Frontend Engineering Manager, Release (CD)
Jake Burden Frontend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Andrew Fontaine Frontend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo Senior Frontend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Nathan Friend Senior Frontend Engineer, Release:Release Management

How we work

Each group in CI/CD is encouraged to define their own process based on what works best for them. Individual group processes are described on the pages below:

Decoupled project management

Many of the groups in CI/CD have separate Frontend and Backend Engineering Managers. Given each group's ability to define their own process, groups may also consider decoupling project management functions from people management functions.

For example, a group's managers could determine that one of them will be the DRI for a given project, or the entire group. That individual would then be responsible for planning for the whole team, instead of splitting the planning responsiblity between two managers which requires extra coordination.

Stable Counterparts

The following members of other functional teams are our stable counterparts:

Person Role
Joanna Shih Quality Engineering Manager, Ops & CI/CD

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