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Release Team

Release Team

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For an understanding of what this team is going to be working on take a look at the product vision.


The Release Team is focused on all the functionality with respect to Continuous Delivery and Release Automation.

This team maps to Release devops stage.

Team Members

The following people are permanent members of the Release Team:

Person Role
Darby Frey Engineering Manager, Release (CD)
Shinya Maeda Backend Engineer, Release (CD)
Krasimir Angelov Backend Engineer, Release (CD)
Jason Goodman Backend Engineer, Release (CD)
Etienne BaquƩ Backend Engineer, Release
Sean Carroll Senior Backend Engineer, Release (CD)
Vladimir Shushlin Backend Engineer, Release (CD)

Stable Counterparts

The following members of other functional teams are our stable counterparts:

Person Role
Marcia Ramos Technical Writer, Create, Release
John Hampton Frontend Engineering Manager, Release (CD), Verify (CI) & Package
Jake Burden Frontend Engineer, Release
Rayana Verissimo Senior Product Designer, Release (CD)
Alex Hanselka Site Reliability Engineer, Verify, Release, Fulfillment
Mike Nichols Product Designer, Release (CD)
Andrew Fontaine Frontend Engineer, Release (CD)
Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo Senior Frontend Engineer, Release (CD)
New Vacancy - Darby F. (Interim) Engineering Manager, Release (CD)
Nathan Friend Senior Frontend Engineer, Release (CD)
Orit Golowinski Senior Product Manager, Release
New Vacancy - Jason Lenny (Interim) Senior Product Manager, Release


Like most GitLab backend teams, we spend a lot of time working in Rails on the main GitLab CE app, but we also do a lot of work in Go which is used heavily in GitLab Pages. Familiarity with Docker and Kubernetes is also useful on our team.

How to work with us

On issues

Issues that contribute to the release stage of the devops toolchain have the ~"devops::release" label.

In Slack

The team's primary Slack channel is #s_release, and the public managers channel is #release-managers. We also support a number of feature channels for discussons or questions about a specific feature area. We no longer support issue specific channels, as they are easy to lose track of and fragment the discussion. Supported channels are:

Team Workflow

We use the Release Team Workflow board to plan and track features as they make their way from idea to production. This board details the various stages an issue can exist in as it is being developed. It's not necessary that an issue go through all of these stages, and it is allowed for issues to move back and forward through the workflow as they are iterated on.

Workflow Stages

Below is a description of each stage, its meaning, and any requirements for that stage.

Async Status Updates

Since we are a remote company, we utilize a Slack plugin called Geekbot to coordinate various status updates. There are currently 3 status updates configured in Geekbot, one is weekly and two are daily:

Weekly Status Update

The Weekly Status Update is configured to run at noon on Fridays, and contains three questions:

  1. What progress was made on your deliverables this week? (MRs and demos are good for this)

    The goal with this question is to show off the work you did, even if it's only part of a feature. This could be a whole feature, a small part of a larger feature, an API to be used later, or even just a copy change.

  2. What do you plan to work on next week? (think about what you'll be able to merge by the end of the week)

    Think about what the next most important thing is to work on, and think about what part of that you can accomplish in one week. If your priorities aren't clear, talk to your manager.

  3. Who will you need help from to accomplish your plan for next week? (tag specific individuals so they know ahead of time)

    This helps to ensure that the others on the team know you'll need their help and will surface any issues earlier.

Daily Standup

The Daily Standup is configured to run each morning Monday through Thursday and posts to #g_release Slack channel. It has just one question:

  1. Is there anything you could use a hand with today, or any blockers?

    This check-in is optional and can be skipped if you don't need any help or don't have any blockers. Be sure to ask for help early, your team is always happy to lend a hand.

Daily Social

The optional Daily Social is configured to run each morning and posts to #g_cicd_social. It has just one question:

  1. What was something awesome, fun, or interesting that you did yesterday outside of work?

    This check-in is optional and can be skipped if you don't have anything to share.