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Verify:Runner Group


For an understanding of what this team is going to be working on take a look at the product vision.


The Verify:Runner Group is focused on all the functionality with respect to Runner.

This team maps to Verify devops stage.

Team Members

The following people are permanent members of the Verify:Runner group:

Person Role
Elliot Rushton Engineering Manager, Verify:Runner
Tomasz Maczukin Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Steve Azzopardi Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Georgi Georgiev Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Pedro Pombeiro Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner

Stable Counterparts

The following members of other functional teams are our stable counterparts:

Person Role
Dimitrie Hoekstra Product Designer, Verify (CI)
Cheryl L. Engineering Manager, Verify:Testing
Zeff Morgan Senior Software Engineer in Test, Verify:Testing
Tiffany Rea Software Engineer in Test, Verify:Continuous Integration
James Heimbuck Senior Product Manager, Verify, Verify:Testing
Thao Yeager Senior Product Manager, Verify
Darren Eastman Senior Product Manager, Verify:Runner
Juan J. Ramirez Senior Product Designer, Verify
Marcel Amirault Technical Writer, Verify
New Vacancy - Jason Yavorska (Interim) Senior Product Manager, Verify:Continuous Integration


We spend a lot of time working in Go which is the language that GitLab Runner is written in. Familiarity with Docker and Kubernetes is also useful on our team.

Becoming a maintainer for one of our projects

We follow the same process outlined here. Any engineeer inside of the organization is welcome to become a maintainer of a project owned by the Runner team. The first step would be to become a trainee maintainer.

How to work with us

On issues

Issues worked on by the Runner group a group label of ~"group::runner". Issues that contribute to the verify stage of the devops toolchain have the ~"devops::verify" label.

Get our attention @gitlab-com/runner-group Slack: #g_runner