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Create:Editor Backend Engineering Team

The Create:Editor Backend Engineering (BE) Team is responsible for all backend aspects of the product categories that fall under the Editor group of the Create stage of the DevOps lifecycle.

Team Members

The following people are permanent members of the Create:Editor BE Team:

Person Role
Darva Satcher Engineering Manager, Create:Knowledge & Create:Editor
Francisco Javier López Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Editor
Mark Chao Backend Engineer, Create:Editor
Alex Pooley Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Editor
Amparo Luna Backend Engineer, Create:Editor
Vijay Hawoldar Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Editor

Stable Counterparts

The following members of other functional teams are our stable counterparts:

Person Role
Achilleas Pipinellis Senior Technical Writer, Create, Package, Monitor, Secure, Defend
Marcia Ramos Senior Technical Writer, Create, Release
Paul Slaughter Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Editor
Katherine Okpara UX Researcher, Create
James Ramsay Group Manager, Product, Create
Denys Mishunov Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Editor
Himanshu Kapoor Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Editor
Kai Armstrong Product Manager, Create:Editor
Roman Kuba Frontend Engineering Manager, Create:Knowledge & Create:Editor
Anastasia McDonald Software Engineer in Test, Create:Editor

Product Categories


A full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) built into GitLab so you can start contributing on day one with no need to spend days getting all the right packages installed into your local dev environment.


Store and share bits of code and text with other users. This category is at the "minimal" level of maturity.

Live Coding

Do pair programming directly in the Web IDE. This category is planned, but not yet available.


This chart shows the progress we're making on hiring. Check out our jobs page for current openings.


There is a general onboarding issue assigned to all GitLab team members by People Ops on your first day.

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All GitLab Team members are expected to follow the General GitLab communications guidelines.

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In general, we use the standard GitLab engineering workflow. To get in touch with the Create:Editor BE team, it's best to create an issue in the relevant project and add the ~"group::editor" and ~backend labels, along with any other appropriate labels. Then, feel free to ping the relevant Product Manager and/or Engineering Manager, as listed above.

For more urgent items, feel free to use #g_create_editor on Slack.

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Career Development

Career development conversations in the Create:Editor BE team are centered around a Career Development Sheet that is based on the Engineering Career Matrix for Individual Contributors. The sheet lists the expected current level behaviors on the left, the next level behaviors on the right, and uses colored columns in between to visually represent the extent to which the individual has shown to have grown from the current level to the next. Columns to the right of a next level behavior are used to collect specific examples of that behavior, which serve as evidence of the individual's growth.

Both the matrix and the sheet are Works in Progress; the development of the career matrix is tracked in an epic, and as the matrix evolves, the sheet will be updated to match.

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In the scenario where an Engineering Manager (EM) is unexpectedly out of the office we will immediately implement this backup plan to support a smooth and stable day-to-day work experience for all team members and stable counterparts. In case that the regular EM is not available, the stable counter part will jump in and support the team wherever possible.

What can Engineers do to help

Consider pinging the standing EM on important things and help proactivley to follow the usual processes around Weekly Catch Up Meetings, Sprint Planning, Retrospectives or other meetings.

What happens to 1-1s

1-1s will be run in an asynchronous manner, where a new Google Doc will be shared with focus on status and enablement.