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Create:Editor Backend Engineer Communication

Async standup

The groups in the Create stage conduct asynchronous standups in the #g_create_standup channel 3 times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The goal is to support the members of these groups in connecting at a personal level, not to check in on people's progress or replace any existing processes to communicate status or ask for help, and the questions are written with that in mind:

  1. What did you do outside of work since we last spoke?
  2. What are you planning to do today?
  3. Is anything blocking your progress or productivity?

For more background, see the Async standup feedback issue on the Create stage issue tracker.

Weekly Updates

Each week, the Engineering Manager (EM) creates a short video communicating both GitLab and Team information. The Weekly Update is accompanied by a presentation and a Google Document to capture asynchronous questions.

Dev Escalation

To maintain our service level for customers, GitLab team members serve as On-call Engineers. In general, Engineers select shifts that are convenient for them. Each shift spans four hours.

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Weekly Catchup Meeting

Each week, the Product Manager, the Create:Editor Frontend and Create:Editor Backend Teams conduct a synchronous meeting to share progress and discuss issues. These meetings are recorded and can be viewed asynchronously. A Google Doc is also available to ask questions or comment synchronous or asynchronously. Conducting meetings using this format allows all team members to participate in knowledge sharing.


Calendars are used to communicate important events:

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PTO Ninja

The PTO Ninja communicates your Out of Office events.

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  1. Employee adds their own topics
  2. Review Issues
  3. Root Cause Analysis (optional, for issues that have slipped)
  4. Career Development Topics
  5. Feedback


Communicate as much as possible and as early as possible through the issue. Here are a few examples of communicating via the issue:

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Sprint Communications

Deep Dives

The groups in the Create stage organize regular Deep Dive sessions to share our domain specific knowledge with others in the stage, the organization, and the wider community. All existing Deep Dives can be found on GitLab Unfiltered with slides and recordings in the descriptions. For Create specific Deep Dives, there is a different playlist. To find more information on upcoming sessions, or to propose a new topic, please see the epic.