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Plan:Portfolio Management Backend Team

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Plan:Portfolio Management backend team

The Plan:Portfolio Management backend team works on the backend part of GitLab's Portfolio Management category in the Plan stage.

For more details about the vision for this area of the product, see the Plan stage page.

Team members

This team is currently shared between Plan:Portfolio Management and Plan:Certify.

Person Role
John Hope Engineering Manager, Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify
Felipe Artur Backend Engineer, Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify
Jarka Košanová Senior Backend Engineer, Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify
Jan Provaznik Senior Backend Engineer, Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify
Charlie Ablett Senior Backend Engineer, Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify

Stable counterparts

Person Role
Annabel Dunstone Gray Product Designer, Plan
Donald Cook Frontend Engineering Manager, Plan
Fatih Acet Senior Frontend Engineer, Plan
Kushal Pandya Senior Frontend Engineer, Plan & Geo
Winnie Hellmann Senior Frontend Engineer, Plan and Intern Backend Engineer, Plan
Amarbayar Amarsanaa Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Create, Plan, Monitor
Rajat Jain Frontend Engineer, Plan
Martin Hanzel Frontend Engineer, Plan
Scott Stern Frontend Engineer, Plan
Walmyr Lima e Silva Filho Senior Test Automation Engineer, Plan
Michal Wasilewski Site Reliability Engineer, Create & Plan
Alexis Ginsberg Senior Product Designer, Plan
Russell Dickenson Senior Technical Writer, Plan

Hiring chart

This chart shows the progress we're making on hiring. Check out our jobs page for current openings.


See the Plan stage page and the Plan:Project Management backend team page.