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Distribution Team Infrastructure: ARM

Hardware Provider

Scaleway is the current provider for ARM runner instances. All distribution team members should be able to log into the provider using the credentials stored in 1Password.

Several GitLab teams collaborate to provide support for ARM:

  1. Distribution manages the ARM runner provider and issues with build pipelines.
  2. Community Advocates answer questions and provide community support in the forums.
  3. Verify CI would help build packages for ARM runners.

Failure Notifications

Build failures for master, stable branches, and tags are sent to the distribution team slack channel. Developers receive failure notices via e-mail for pipelines triggered from their feature branches as they would normally for any other branch.

Known Issues with ARM Builders

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you compile ARM32 bit packages on ARM64 for speed?

We explored cross compiling and found that the challenges caused outweighed the benefits provided. The process would take a lot of deep investigation to overcome those challenges.

How do the ARM Builders get provisioned?

ARM builders are provisioned up to the maximum cap of concurrent machines at all times. The ARM builders take a fair amount of time to spin up; permanent provision increases their availability for pipelines. Continuous Integration will automatically provision another ARM builder if one of them is properly shut down. Quota usage is visible in the Scaleway account profile and the hard cap on runners is set in the ops cookbooks.

What GitLab packages get built for Raspberry Pi?

Due to memory requirements we do not currently recommend the Raspberry Pi as a production platform. Due to this, we only build packages for the Community Edition.