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Distribution Team Workflow


Distribution team members are expected to:

Scheduled work

Engineering manager and Product manager are responsible for scheduling work that is a direct responsibility of the Distribution team.

Work can be (very) roughly divided as:

All scheduled work for omnibus-gitlab, Helm charts and team projects is shown on the Deliverable board. Use additional filters to see specific milestones, etc.

Label definitions

There are a number of labels applied at any time to both issues and merge requests (items), but there is a priority, first being the highest:

Any unassigned issue is available for anyone to work on. You can show your interest in working on a specific task by leaving a comment in the issue. To do so, comment must contain the date on which you will commence the work. If the comment does not contain the date, or the date has passed, the item is free to be picked up by anyone again.

All issues and merge requests created or worked on by the team must include the group::distribution label. This includes issues created in distribution/team-tasks.

omnibus-gitlab project

The omnibus-gitlab project is a long running packaging project for GitLab and as such it has had a number of years of development behind it. Since it is used to create our bread and butter installation method, the work is carried out within the regular monthly release cycle to align with the rest of GitLab development.

The development deadlines as defined in PROCESS document apply to this project.

GitLab Helm charts

GitLab Helm charts are the newest installation method maintained by the Distribution team. Even though the project is generally available, the project is very fast paced to match the fast pace of communities around Kubernetes and Helm.

Due to the above, the project has a slightly different workflow compared to the omnibus-gitlab project.

The labels described above apply to this project as well, but there is an additional set of labels being applied to each item.

All tasks are assigned to a weekly label. Labels are tied to a week of a specific milestone in the projects history:

The label is used as a measure in how much time it is taking to work on one issue from the moment the item has been assigned to a milestone. This allows us to estimate the priority of an issue or recognise if an issue needs to be split. This measure is very important for making future decisions as items that seem very urgent can be safely reprioritised due to previous experiences.

Other projects

Any of the other projects in teams responsibility do not have a specific process assigned. The items not directly in any of the two above projects will be assigned directly and deadlines set by the EM.